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Why Lease

Why pay cash on a $50,000 piece of equipment when you can pay nothing down and use the revenue to pay for itself. Use the savings to market to your patients and have them come in for an appointment - specifically with that new revenue generating piece of equipment you just leased.

Example: A doctor has just signed a 60-day no-money down 5 year lease for a new piece of revenue generating equipment. The equipment is delivered January 1st and doctor's office starts scheduling patients that week. At the end of the 60 days when the 1st payment is due the practice is already receiving insurance reimbursements (or direct payments from the patient) paying for the equipment. In fact, the doctor is receiving payments, making a profit, receiving a tax break (see newsletter on Section 179) on his new equipment and never had to spend a dime purchasing it.


Did you know that leasing is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways of financing equipment in business today? Recent statistics show that almost 78% of equipment sold to physicians are financed in some way, and of that total, at least 50% is leased. Leasing can help your practices financial picture by matching the terms of the lease with the useful life of the equipment. Affinity One offers a variety of leasing programs and can tailor them to meet your practices’ needs and requirements. Best of all, leasing saves you money - Leasing requires less in up front capital dollars then other methods of financing.

Other Advantages to Leasing

Leasing equipment through Affinity One Financial Services will give you the means to help your practice grow. We work with our clients to learn about their practice to provide the best leasing solution.

Some of the other advantages for practices to lease equipment include: