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Info for Doctors

A common question doctors tend to ask us is why should I lease when I can just buy it? We understand many doctors can afford to purchase equipment for their practice but the question you have to ask is why? Leasing offers you a way to leverage your money, invest it in other revenue generating ideas that cannot be financed and if nothing else, you can save it for a slowdown in the economy to cover expenses.

Do not get caught without that new piece of equipment your practice needs to grow and not offer your patients the latest in medical technology. Affinity One can provide financing of your new equipment, money for those soft costs associated with it and working capital to help promote your new product to new and existing patients.

Equipment leasing allows you to finance 100% of the equipment purchase price including ancillary costs like software, training, installation and shipping.

Affinity One provides these additional financing programs for your practice

 Additional Finance Programs

Working Capital: Affinity One understands practices have needs for cash with complete flexibility. Working Capital is an easy infusion of cash for a practice that might need to make repairs, augment payroll, fund a marketing campaign, train staff, buy new office furniture and more. At Affinity One, working capital can be financed alone or with an equipment purchase.


Up to $50,000 in working capital is available for qualified doctors in addition to up to $200,000 in equipment financing.


Applying for working capital is as easy as leasing – a simple one page credit application.

Fixed Rate
Working capital, like a lease, is at a fixed rate for the life of the loan regardless of market rate increases.

Working Capital can be used for any purpose within your business/practice

Leasehold Improvements
To go with your new equipment purchase Affinity One offers financing for those necessary leasehold improvements. We can match dollar for dollar your equipment purchase for an office expansion, remodeling, or just some touch up work. Roll it all into your lease to make it easy and affordable.